You’re just incredibly kind. Thank you so much! We wish you all the best!

Stoil and Filka from Aitos

“I’ve been a patient of the laboratory for years, because I’m quite impressed by the qualification of the medical personnel and by the kind attitude. I wish you all the best and success to all!

With respect: Dimitrina Rasheva, Varna

Today I came here to test my urine. I have pielonephritis. I use quite often the services of laboratory “Nadejda”. My definition for it: “A small oasis of salvation and tranquility for a sick person. Splendid and intelligent laboratory assistants!

Arshalouis Bohchalian, Varna

I wasn’t for the first time at an examination in Nadejda and I’ve always been very pleased with the service there. It’s obvious that there work great specialists. Thank you!

Rizova, Varna

Very good and quite expeditious work. CONGRATULATIONS! Perfect treatment of patients,

Fatme Ahmet, Varna

An extremely kind team of professionals!

They can make you feel comfortable, they can enchant you and just before you faint out of your phobia from needles and the chicks say “YOU’RE READY!”

Thanks to the modern instruments and appliance here I changed my opinion about laboratories and examinations I remember from my childhood when I had goose bumps when I had to go to the laboratory, but here I come with a smile.

I wish you a lot of work and the Christmas miracles to be part of the everyday life during the New Year.

And I wish to myself only prevention examinations!

Boris Evropeiski

Working with such professionals is such a pleasure. Always responsible and very organized. Patients prefer them and gladly use the services of the medical center and the laboratory.

D-r Krasimira Kirova /Specialist of Endocrinology/

I’m quite satisfied with my cooperation with MC “Nadejda” and especially with the clinic ward and the microbiology laboratory. My patients receive qualified and professional treatment for a very short time which means a really good job of the medic.

D-r Penka Drumeva /Specialist Dermatovenerologist/

In MC “Nadejda” patients and physicians enjoy high professionalism, human treatment, tolerance, promptness and high quality of cooperation, with care for a better health for more people.

D-r Alexandra Manusheva /Specialist Rheumocardiologist/

I chose using clinical laboratory “Nadejda”, because I see pursuit to professional perfection to every detail and this is the most precious thing that makes the partner irreplaceable.


Svilen Lapakov /certified specialist in Natural Medicine/

I’m very pleased with our cooperation. The laboratory works at a high professional level. I receive the results very quickly.


Doc. D-r Shideri Tomov /specialist in Dermatovenerology/

Today, 07/09/2009, I had to have tested my blood and urine, because I have a certain disease and I have to check these indexes. Unfortunately, when I went at the town clinic there was a big queue and that’s why I went to “Nadejda”, because I knew from previous times that I would be treated with respect and I would be examined quickly and at a high level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


With respect: Kostadinka Velkova, v. Goren Chiflik

A BIG BRAVO to the laboratory “Nadejda”. I use its services from the very beginning, right when it was opened and every year when I come back to Bulgaria I make there my check-ups. Thank you for all you do for us. You can show me as your living advertisement.


All the best! Jolien Charkadjiev

Good service and a pleasant team. I’m very pleased with “Nadejda” and I’ll keep on coming here when I need it,


With respect: Jivomir Ivanov

I visited laboratory “Nadejda” for blood tests a little anxious that my veins are invisible, but I was very surprised that they made it from the first attempt. I was asked at the Blood Center not to go there again to donate blood. That’s why I come here with great pleasure when there’s need for blood donation. I wish you a pleasant work!

With respect: Elena Ivanova