Photo of Dr. Nadya Dulgerova

When I founded the Medical Center “Nadejda” the only question I asked myself was: “What do I expect from my doctor? Back then and now I know that success in our work is also related to our ability to walk in the shoes of those who need our help.

To be qualified, honest, responsible and devoted – that’s what I want from my medic. I expect to receive clear and full information about my condition in order to support the solutions he would propose to me, thinking of me. To feel the professionalism that isn’t proved only by certificates for education and experience, but is personally perceived, with results and most of all the warmth of a sincere attitude and care for the person. I’d like to be supported in the hope that everything will be better, because the pain, anxiety and joy for health go through the heart.

Today, 15 years later, when I look back at the way we’ve walked along with my colleagues, I see it’s the correct one. Our horizon as physicians is every day to take care for your health with professional knowledge, skills, good attitude, attention, with exact results and confidence. With a never ending devotion our team makes possible different stories for the future where the hope for life and a good health are a result of a due medical intervention today.

Thank you that you choose again Medical Center “Nadejda”. And what about the future? It’s always hope: for all of us.

With respect,

D-r Nadja Djulgerova,

Manager of MC “Nadejda”